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From Bill Brown <>
Subject Re: filter-mapping for j_security_check
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 17:04:57 GMT

Thanks for your help djenks:  

I got this idea / example from what must be some dated code on the IBM dev

I think the additional JAAS login module in front of the Authentication
module could work I'm just not sure how to implement that in geronimo. 
Would I need to add another module configuration to the existing realm, or
would I add an additional realm for the application?   So far, I've been
able to configure/customize one of the packaged Database (SQL) Realms to do
the authentication work for the application but adding another module seems

Thanks for your input though.  

djencks wrote:
> The filter approach isn't going to work AFAIK because the security  
> constraints have to be evaluated/applied/etc before any user code  
> such as filters are run.  In fact IIUC there is no j_security_check  
> "servlet", that is handled directly by the web containers security  
> system.
> Is there some reason you can't put your validation logic in an  
> (additional) login module?
> thanks
> david jencks
> On Jul 18, 2007, at 9:05 AM, Bill Brown wrote:
>> Greetings:
>> I have an app with container managed security.  There is a login  
>> form that
>> uses j_username and j_password to post to j_security_check.  I  
>> would like to
>> perform some validation on the j_username and j_password to make  
>> sure the
>> data entered is valid before checking the credentials against the  
>> db.  I
>> tried using a filter with filter-mapping in web.xml, but the filter  
>> isn't
>> getting called.  Below is the filter mapping.  Does anyone know how  
>> to do
>> this in geronimo 2.0?  Is this possible?
>> <filter>
>> 	<filter-name>loginValidator</filter-name>
>> 	<filter-class>
>> 	</filter-class>
>> </filter>
>> <filter-mapping>
>>         <filter-name>loginValidator</filter-name>
>> 	<url-pattern>/j_security_check</url-pattern>
>> 	<dispatcher>REQUEST</dispatcher>
>> 	<dispatcher>FORWARD</dispatcher>
>> </filter-mapping>
>> I also tried the mapping without the <dispatcher> elements and it  
>> didn't
>> work either.   Thanks for any more information or clarification.
>> Bill.
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