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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: Derby DB in Geronimo
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2007 15:44:12 GMT

>Last I heard (several years ago) derby didn't support read only  
>databases -- it needed somewhere to write locks or something like  
>that.  Can derby work from a resource url?

Actually, I don't care if the DB is read-only or not; after initial loading
I don't plan on adding more rows or updating them (whether or not the DB
enforces that is not important to me).

>> To test this, I tried to log into my sample Derby database I  
>> created in
>> Geronimo (located in geronimo/var/derby/mydbname) from ij -- it  
>> failed when
>> Geronimo was running, but worked after I shut down Geronimo.  I did  
>> this
>> last year with Derby standalone and documented it:
>> [1] 
>> entry=apache_derby_in_network_server

>well, from this gbean in system-database:

>     <gbean name="DerbyNetwork"  
>         <reference name="derbySystem"><name>DerbySystem</name></

>         <attribute name="host">localhost</attribute>
>         <attribute name="port">1527</attribute>
>     </gbean>

>and the success of a bunch of tck tests that use app client access to  
>the derby instance running in the server, I'm pretty sure that the  
>network connector is turned on and working.  Maybe the host=localhost  
>rather than or a specific interface is the problem?  What  
>connect string did you use for ij?

Yes, thankfully I stand corrected here--Geronimo's Derby *does* run in
network server mode and hence databases managed by it can be accessed
externally.  (From ij, I was trying to connect using the embedded URL
format--such as connect
'jdbc:derby://usr/myapps/geronimo/var/derby/testdb'--instead of the Network
URL format, which was my problem)

Anyway, I created a Sandbox page with my observations, in case this helps
other Derby users:

Thanks again,

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