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From dharbige <>
Subject Re: Missing JAR when depolying EAR
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 14:51:27 GMT

djencks wrote:
> I think you have this situation, based on the stack trace:
> war with manfest classpath containing foo.jar
> foo.jar has jcifs.jar in its manifest classpath.

I thought of this, which is why I manually checked the manifest files of all
the JARs and WARs in the EAR.  None of them (seem to) refer to jcifs.jar,
nor to any other JARs that *could* refer to jcifs.jar.

djencks wrote:
> There are a couple of things we could change here, I'd be interested  
> in some opinions...
> -- if we run into this error print more information about how we got  
> there, such as all the jars examined for manifest classpath so far:  
> "foo.jar" will be on the list fairly near the end.

This would be very useful.  It's a bit annoying for G to complain about a
missing JAR, but give no information as to why it thinks the JAR is

djencks wrote:
> -- allow people to have bad manifest classpaths, and just warn loudly  
> about them rather than refusing to deploy.

Or make it a configurable option - Strict or Relaxed manifest checking.

djencks wrote:
> I'm a little worried about (2) because its so easy to miss warnings  
> no matter how large the type size they are presented in :-).  On the  
> other hand if you include 3rd party jars in your ear they may have  
> bizarre and incomprehensibly wrong manifest classpaths that you don't  
> want to fix :-)

This change definitely gets a vote from me.  I'd rather have the option to
take a risk myself, rather than being rejected out of hand.  If G warns me
(it thinks) something is missing, and I subsequently get ClassNotFound
exceptions, that's my problem.

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