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From Viet Hung Nguyen <>
Subject Re: ejb 3.0--connecting to a DB
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 15:00:42 GMT
I am deploying my db pool through the admin console. I am using the 
tranql-connector-1.3.rar found under 

I am still encountering these two problems:

1) The EJB seems to be talking to the DB, but whenever I query it, the 
data in the DB is erased.
2) In order to have some data in the DB I have added things to it 
dynamically. So when I fetch the data from the DB after this addition, 
the resultList is non-empty. However, when I try to view what I have 
just added by casting one element of the resultant list (that is of type 
Collection<ExchangeRate>) to an ExchangeRate object with this line:

    ExchangeRate rate = (ExchangeRate)ratesList.get(i);

I get a ClassCastException. Initially I thought ratesList might be null, 
but I have ensured that it is not.

For problem 1) I have read somewhere that there is a property I can set 
so that it does not overwrite the existing data in the DB, but I cannot 
remember what that is.

As for problem 2) I am out of ideas.

Thanks in advance,
Viet Nguyen

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