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From Brandon Dooley <>
Subject Re: Virtual host configuration with Tomcat
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 03:32:59 GMT
Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the help guys. My situation is this, I have two applications
and I can't get them to co-exist on different vhosts, same
geronimo-1.1.1 tomcat instance. One is a working EAR that contains my
web-content in a WAR, and my EJB's in a jar. I'd like to get that on a
tomcat vhost.

My other application, isn't an application at the moment, because of my
vhost problem. So for the time, I haven't included the EJBs and have
only deployed a WAR, which I do have working on a tomcat vhost. But when
I attempt to add that working WAR into its own EAR, I get an error along
the lines of no application in the root-context.

I will include any config files you'd like to see. I appreciate the help.


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> Jeff,
> I was talking with Sniped on IRC and he is looking for a configuration
> that will allow for multiple Vhosts with Tomcat.  I can't find the
> last one I had and I was hoping you can help out.  Sniped, can you
> fill in a few more details in this thread ?
> Cheers.
> !DSPAM:466e0c1c109513810966309!

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