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From Avorcor <>
Subject Unable to resolve resource reference on 3.0 with annotations
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 03:27:27 GMT

Okay, I tried to find a similar situation as this on this forum and on the
web, but have not had any luck.

I am using Geroimo 2.0M5

I have deployed a new ActiveMQ Resource Adapter with 2 queues and 1 topic. 
The factory name is Factory1

I have a single session bean that publishes to a JMS queue.   The bean has
one method publishAsset(), which performs the publishing act to the queue.

This is a stateless session bean.

it is declared with 
@Remote( { AssetRecordRemote.class })

I have a connection factory object declared in my code:

	@Resource(mappedName = "java:/comp/env/jms/Factory1") ConnectionFactory

The package this is in is called
The bean name is AssetSessionBean

I jar this up with my remote interface and call

deploy AssetSessionBean.jar

I get an error deploying:

    Error: Unable to distribute AssetSessionBean.jar:
    org.apache.geronimo.common.DeploymentException: Unable to resolve
    resource reference'
    (Could not auto-map to resource.  Try adding a resource-ref mapping
    to your Geronimo deployment plan.

If I remove all references to JMS, this will deploy just fine.  Although, it
deploys in the default package instead of .  I would like to
hear thoughts on this as well if anyone knows, but my primary concern is for
trying to understand why Geronimo cannot find the resource reference and
what I could try to correct this situation.

Thank you.

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