Thanks Lasantha :-) I will create one such page in our wiki.

Between thanks also to the "EJB sample application" that you and Hernan (if I am correct) have created. I happily used it as the J2EE Application to be developed in my Presentation.

- Shiva

On 5/12/07, Lasantha Ranaweera <> wrote:
Hi Shiva,

I just went through your presentation and looks good for me :-) .

It is better if we can add this kind of sample application to the
Geronimo documentation (how to create a small sample application with
Eclipse Geronimo Plugin) with some screen prints. It should be targeted
the new comers of J2EE/JEE5 to use Geronimo as their application server.
That will make Geronimo much more popular among J2EE/JEE5 developer
community too.


Shiva Kumar H R wrote:
> At the recently held ApacheCon Europe 2007 in Amsterdam I had an
> opportunity to speak on "J2EE Application Development on Apache
> Geronimo Simplified using Eclipse". I have added the session material
> in our wiki (in case some one finds it useful):
> <>.
> Please feel free to move it to a more appropriate location.
> Session material can also be downloaded from here:
> A few observations I made as a User of Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in:
> 1) Downloading Geronimo Eclipse Plugin from within the IDE (by
> clicking on the "Don't see your server listed?" or by creating a new
> remote site in the update manager) is too slow.
> It would save a lot of time if I can simply download a zip of Geronimo
> Eclipse Plug-in say from
> (similar to the way
> I can download zips of most Eclipse Plug-ins from
> < >).
> provides one
> such facility for downloading latest version of the plug-in, but not
> the earlier versions.
> 2) It's very tedious and erroneous to create Geronimo Deployment Plans
> by hand. It would have helped a lot if Geronimo Development Tools
> provided some good editors/wizards for auto creating & editing
> Geronimo Deployment Plans.
> I started doing some work w.r.t 2) above, but later got confused with
> Annotations and the probable new ways of approaching Geronimo 2.0
> Deployment Plans with Annotations.
> If someone can clarify Community's plans towards Geronimo 2.0
> Deployment Plans, I can do something about Eclipse editors/wizards for
> Geronimo Deployment Plans.
> Thanks,
> Shiva