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From Jochen Zink <>
Subject Classloader/Classpath Problems with Webapp and EJB-jar in same EAR.
Date Tue, 15 May 2007 14:55:08 GMT
Hello all,

I have an EAR Archive. The archive contains a WAR-File (WebApp.war) and a JAR File (ejb.jar).
The JAR contains a MessageDrivenBean. In a lib folder inside the ear are some JAR-Libs. Some
of these libs are used from the webapp and some from the MDB.

My Problem is:
Both, the war and the ejb jar Archive have a MANIFEST.MF in the META-INF Directory. In that
manifest the class-path attribute is set to some libs in the lib folder inside the ear. This
works fine if I does not place ejb.jar in the ear and the war archive is the only one inside
the ear. But if both archives are inside the ear some strange errors happens. While deploying
the Webapp, geronimo does not find the libs which are placed in lib folder of the ear (NoClassDefFound).
Whithout the ejb.jar, the Webapplication is loaded correctly. If I define exactly the same
class-path attribute in of the ejb-jar, the webapplication starts correctly. So,
it seems that the ejb.jar manipulate the classpath of the webapplication. 

With two Webapplications inside the same ear, everythink works fine. The problem raised only
with WAR nad EJB-Jar archives. 

Has anyone an idea why this happen?

Thanaks a lot!

|-- lib/
|-- WebApp.war
      |-- WEB-INF/
              |--- // Some webapp stuff
      |-- META-INF/
              |-- web.xml
              |-- geronimo-web.xml
              |-- MANIFEST.MF
|-- ejb.jar
      |-- META-INF
              |-- ejb-jar.xml
              |-- openejb-jar.xml
              |-- MANIFEST.MF

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