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From "Shiva Kumar H R" <>
Subject Re: A session I presented at ApacheCon on J2EE App development using Eclipse
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 20:09:33 GMT
I suspect your network connectivity is too good :-)

Here is an experiment I tried:
Connected from Home with a Mobile Internet Connectivity of 230Kbps ( :-(
that's the best Home connectivity I can get in my place) and tried
downloading Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in by clicking on "Don't see your server
listed" link. After about 25mins and 7.1MB of download volume Plug-in
installation failed with a Network Connection Error. When I tried again
(thank God, download restarted from where it last failed) it took another
25mins for an additional download volume of 7.8 MB with 3 restarts!

After this I tried downloading a zip of eclipse plug-in (
using a download accelerator. This time it took 50mins for 17MB of download
volume to complete and there were no download errors.

In addition being able to download a zip allows me to backup a copy of the
setup for later use, which wouldn't be trivial if I use automatic download
by IDE.

We probably can recommend users to install via Eclipse update site, yet make
available a zip of eclipse plug-in for direct download. What do you say?

We probably can also work to reduce the size of Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in.

- Shiva

On 5/10/07, Lin Sun <> wrote:
> Just one comment here...  When I last tried to download the geronimo
> eclipse plugin, it was not slow at all.  I don't really see much
> difference of using the eclipse update manager vs. go to the site to
> download the zip file.   I think the preferred way is to use the eclipse
> update site as it can install/update the feature and its dependencies
> automatically on the fly.
> Lin
> Shiva Kumar H R wrote:
> > A few observations I made as a User of Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in:
> > 1) Downloading Geronimo Eclipse Plugin from within the IDE (by clicking
> > on the "Don't see your server listed?" or by creating a new remote site
> > in the update manager) is too slow.
> >
> > It would save a lot of time if I can simply download a zip of Geronimo
> > Eclipse Plug-in say from
> > (similar to the way I
> > can download zips of most Eclipse Plug-ins from
> > <>).
> >

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