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From Doug Lochart <>
Subject geronimo plan help
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 20:26:32 GMT
As I am struggling to deploy my app I have been scouring through the 
documentation looking for help and clues.  I keep running into examples 
that merely show what an openejb-jar.xml would look like or a sample 
geronimo-application.xml.  There amy be a few places but in most cases 
there is no explanation as to what all the elements in the xml mean and 
what they do.  More importantly there is no explanation as to how (if at 
all) the xml plans fit together within an ear.

These plans/xml docs are all part of the same ejb application (ear)

For example this is what I have with help from the forum.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<application application-name="FrancePolicyServerEar"

The sys:groupId etc may be self explanatory for some but I just made it 
up as I went along following what examples I saw but doing it blindly.  
Then I was told to put a dependency for axis in.  So I did it and I 
think it helped me get farther but what is it actually doing?  I mean if 
a forum user did not tell me how in the heck would I have known based on 
the documentation?

That brings me to my openejb-jar.xml.  Here the main namespace to use is 
dep where sys was used in the application plan.

openejb-jar xmlns="">

Is the dep:groupId supposed to match the sys:groupID on the app?  If not 
how is it used?  What does artifactid do?  Does it matter what I name 
it?  Does the name have to correspond to another field somewhere?

Then there is the dep:dependency.  I added geronimo/tomcat in because I 
was asked to do so (thanks again by the way).  I assume it is telling 
geronimo that I want to use tomcat as my web container but again I can't 
find any decent explanation as to what is going on.  The IoC design of 
this thing is real cool but unless I am just totally stupid ( I am green 
with EJB ) I cannot seem to find anything that pieces things together in 
any coherent fashion.

Am I missing something?  Did all of you pop in and look at the plan docs 
and just suddenly realize how to do it in a day or something?

Sorry if I am sounding cranky but I feel a little helpless.  I can 
usually crack open anything pretty quick and get things working but all 
this gbean stuff and extra config docs just don't seem to either make 
sense or is explained very well.  Is there someplace else I could look?  
Is there a geronimo book?

thanks for letting me vent


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