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From Doug Lochart <>
Subject Web Application Migration to Geronimo
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 18:09:14 GMT
Actually it is to the WebSphere Application Server Community Edition 
which runs Geronimo pre-wired  with Tomcat.

I have a web application deployed as an EAR  (Stateless Session EJB (in 
ejb_jar) , Servlet(in .WAR) ) that combined is a WebService.  I did not 
write the Application and I am real new to Web Services.  My task is to 
deploy this web application to WAS CE (Geronimo).  I tried simply 
deploying it as is but of course it failed giving me an error like this:

Error: Unable to distribute FrancePolicyServer.ear: Unable to
    resolve reference "WebServiceContainer" in gbean
    to a gbean matching the pattern [?name=TomcatWebContainer#]

First of all any idea what this error means?  I am sure it is a need for 
a plan but I would like to understand what is happening.

I have read through several developerworks articles and numerous 
examples on geronimo (looks like a kick a$$ product by the way, I like 
the IoC design) and from what I gather I need to provide 1 or more extra 
deployment descriptors/deployment plans specific for geronimo.  I was 
hoping for a good example of these plans so that I could hack it up and 
do some trial and error to learn but I still feel I lack the knowledge 
to even start down the right path.  I don't know which ones I need and 
how to construct them.

So what I am asking is based on my application I described what types of 
geronimo specific xml files do I need?

According to the docs it looks like I need a geronimo-application.xml as 
a deployment plan but I did not see a good example of that and I was 
left feeling that I am missing something for the Web Service.  In the 
META-INF directory of the ejb-jar file I see my webservices.xml and a 
mapping.xml and also 2 ibm (was 6.0) specific binding files  
ibm-webservices-ext.xmi and ibm-webservices-bnd.xmi which I have no clue 
how they come into play.  I do know that the Servlet is merely a pass 
through to the Session Bean.



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