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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Web Application Migration to Geronimo
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 07:13:26 GMT

On May 16, 2007, at 11:09 AM, Doug Lochart wrote:

> Actually it is to the WebSphere Application Server Community  
> Edition which runs Geronimo pre-wired  with Tomcat.
> I have a web application deployed as an EAR  (Stateless Session EJB  
> (in ejb_jar) , Servlet(in .WAR) ) that combined is a WebService.  I  
> did not write the Application and I am real new to Web Services.

What exactly do you mean by "web service"? Is this a jaxrpc web  
service deployed with all the required j2ee 1.4 xml files such as the  
jaxrpc mapping file?

>   My task is to deploy this web application to WAS CE (Geronimo).   
> I tried simply deploying it as is but of course it failed giving me  
> an error like this:
> Error: Unable to distribute FrancePolicyServer.ear: Unable to
>    resolve reference "WebServiceContainer" in gbean
>    default/Application_ID/1179336634177/car? 
> EJBModule=FrancePolicyServer_EJB.jar,J2EEApplication=default/ 
> Application_ID/1179336634177/ 
> car,StatelessSessionBean=FrancePolicyServer,j2eeType=WSLink,name=Franc 
> ePolicyServer
>    to a gbean matching the pattern [?name=TomcatWebContainer#]
> First of all any idea what this error means?  I am sure it is a  
> need for a plan but I would like to understand what is happening.

I'm surprised you are getting this error.  The gbean it's looking for  
is in the tomcat configuration, so you might try adding the tomcat  
car as a dependency of the ejb jar (not the web module war file) or  
the ear.  However, the web service deployer is supposed to be adding  
this dependency for you.
Something like this:


One thing to beware of is that jaxrpc web services either have to be  
extremely simple so they don't need a jaxrpc mapping file or you have  
to come up with a jaxrpc mapping file, something for which we don't  
have any tools.  Geronimo is quite strict about what it will accept  
in a jaxrpc mapping file, so its possible that something that works  
on another server won't work in geronimo.  However I don't see how  
this could result in the error you are seeing.  I would not have the  
patience to try to get a non-trivial jaxrpc web service to work, I  
would convert it to a jaxws web service and use a geronimo 2.0 snapshot.

david jencks

> I have read through several developerworks articles and numerous  
> examples on geronimo (looks like a kick a$$ product by the way, I  
> like the IoC design) and from what I gather I need to provide 1 or  
> more extra deployment descriptors/deployment plans specific for  
> geronimo.  I was hoping for a good example of these plans so that I  
> could hack it up and do some trial and error to learn but I still  
> feel I lack the knowledge to even start down the right path.  I  
> don't know which ones I need and how to construct them.
> So what I am asking is based on my application I described what  
> types of geronimo specific xml files do I need?
> According to the docs it looks like I need a geronimo- 
> application.xml as a deployment plan but I did not see a good  
> example of that and I was left feeling that I am missing something  
> for the Web Service.  In the META-INF directory of the ejb-jar file  
> I see my webservices.xml and a mapping.xml and also 2 ibm (was 6.0)  
> specific binding files  ibm-webservices-ext.xmi and ibm-webservices- 
> bnd.xmi which I have no clue how they come into play.  I do know  
> that the Servlet is merely a pass through to the Session Bean.
> thanks
> Doug

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