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Thanks for the advice David.  I'm still using Geronimo 1.1 and haven't even looked at 2.0 yet.  MyEclipse is also lacking in support of EJB 3.0 standards.
I have the O'Reilly "Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0" sitting on my desk.  I'm mired in that bleeding edge boundary and have been trying to learn the current production (EJB 2.1 and Geronimo 1.1/1.2) method while keeping an eye towards the future (EJB 3.0 and Geronimo 2.0).  Having tutorials on the legacy way have significantly influenced my learning direction.
I've presumed that a migration path exists for 2.1x CMP to JPA.  I've also looked at Hibernate from the web container as an option.  The apps not very big at this point, so I can afford to re-tool it in the next version.

I think you will have to convert any cmp entity beans you have to jpa by yourself. IMO its a much much much better approach to start with jpa if there is any possibility at all.  There are quite extensive docs for openjpa, and it only took me a couple of days starting from no jpa knowledge to convert daytrader to jpa using those docs.

I don't have any first hand experience with hibernate but have heard rumors that openjpa performs better.  In any case if you go with hibernate I hope you use the jpa interfaces to enable portability.

Does a document exist yet on the geronimo specifics of performing a migration from 1.1/1.2 to 2.0 that discusses the shift from CMP to JPA?

1.2 supports jpa, although you have to tell it about the persistence units and persistent unit refs in a non-spec compliant way.  Container manager persistence contexts are available from web and ejb applications.
Not having an IDE based tutorial that takes one through the whole stack with the application server really extends the learning curve!

maybe..... cmp bean mapping stuff could easily be harder to learn with a tutorial than jpa with the openjpa docs.

david jencks

Anyway, thanks for the answer on the lack of decent XDoclet support.

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I cannot express how strongly I recommend that you use jpa rather than cmp for any project you have any control over, such as new development.

I believe the xdoclet stuff you refer to doesn't work at all with geronimo-openejb, I think it is for openejb 1 which is not integrated with geronimo.  In any case using ejb 3.0 with annotations is a much better solution.

david jencks

On Apr 9, 2007, at 9:08 AM, Mark Aufdencamp wrote:

Hi All,
I've been quietly lurking on the list for the last eight weeks working on the opposite ends of a web application.  I've scaled the AJAX-JavaScript-Struts integration mountain and I've just completed deploying my first Entity Bean's using CMP.  You'll may recall that I previously conquered web container realm authentication and application security integration, as well as Session EJB's.  Throw in some HTML and CSS learning for good measure and in a manner of four months I've completely re-tooled myself for serious application development.  It's a lot to digest end to end, but it is possible to learn and do.
I selected the MyEclipse plugin as a necessity to travel this kind of development spectrum.  Using Eclipse was without question, and I needed the breadth of tools bundled by MyEclipse.  It didn't hurt that it had an attractive price for the features.  These were the same reasons that I selected Geronimo as an Application Server Platform.
The largest problems I've had in this journey have been integration between the development environment, Eclipse, and the Application Server, Geronimo.  I now completely understand the term "Death by Configuration".  I've also lacked a decent end to end tutorial for this integration.  I've humped through the MyEclipse examples using JBoss or Weblogic and successfully transposed them into Geronimo utilizing the wiki examples and a little help from the list.
At last, I see the nirvana of configuration management available via XDoclet!
So here's the question:
How do I get OpenEJB XDoclet support integrated into MyEclipse?  I've tried adding the openejb subtask to the Standard EJB task and I generate a blank openejb-jar.xml file.  I'd really like to manage my CMP field mappings in ths manner if possible.
Is anyone using XDoclet support to generate the openejb-jar.xml, or geronimo-application.xml, or geronimo-web.xml?  If so, where do I find documentation/tutorial on its usage?
Perhaps all the answers lie at http://xdoclet.sourceforge.net/xdoclet/ant/xdoclet/modules/openejb/ejb/OpenEJBSubTask.html , and I will be studying it further.  I would however prefer to find some sage advice in my journey:)
Thanks to All for the work everyone does on Geronimo!
Mark Aufdencamp