I cannot express how strongly I recommend that you use jpa rather than cmp for any project you have any control over, such as new development.

I believe the xdoclet stuff you refer to doesn't work at all with geronimo-openejb, I think it is for openejb 1 which is not integrated with geronimo.  In any case using ejb 3.0 with annotations is a much better solution.

david jencks

On Apr 9, 2007, at 9:08 AM, Mark Aufdencamp wrote:

Hi All,
I've been quietly lurking on the list for the last eight weeks working on the opposite ends of a web application.  I've scaled the AJAX-JavaScript-Struts integration mountain and I've just completed deploying my first Entity Bean's using CMP.  You'll may recall that I previously conquered web container realm authentication and application security integration, as well as Session EJB's.  Throw in some HTML and CSS learning for good measure and in a manner of four months I've completely re-tooled myself for serious application development.  It's a lot to digest end to end, but it is possible to learn and do.
I selected the MyEclipse plugin as a necessity to travel this kind of development spectrum.  Using Eclipse was without question, and I needed the breadth of tools bundled by MyEclipse.  It didn't hurt that it had an attractive price for the features.  These were the same reasons that I selected Geronimo as an Application Server Platform.
The largest problems I've had in this journey have been integration between the development environment, Eclipse, and the Application Server, Geronimo.  I now completely understand the term "Death by Configuration".  I've also lacked a decent end to end tutorial for this integration.  I've humped through the MyEclipse examples using JBoss or Weblogic and successfully transposed them into Geronimo utilizing the wiki examples and a little help from the list.
At last, I see the nirvana of configuration management available via XDoclet!
So here's the question:
How do I get OpenEJB XDoclet support integrated into MyEclipse?  I've tried adding the openejb subtask to the Standard EJB task and I generate a blank openejb-jar.xml file.  I'd really like to manage my CMP field mappings in ths manner if possible.
Is anyone using XDoclet support to generate the openejb-jar.xml, or geronimo-application.xml, or geronimo-web.xml?  If so, where do I find documentation/tutorial on its usage?
Perhaps all the answers lie at http://xdoclet.sourceforge.net/xdoclet/ant/xdoclet/modules/openejb/ejb/OpenEJBSubTask.html , and I will be studying it further.  I would however prefer to find some sage advice in my journey:)
Thanks to All for the work everyone does on Geronimo!
Mark Aufdencamp