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From "Arinté" <>
Subject Re: A Geronimo complaint
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 11:52:36 GMT

"David Jencks" <> wrote in 
You aren't really specifying enough context to know for sure what you
are asking about.

If this is an excerpt from a geronimo plan, I suggest leaving out the
version; geronimo will then choose the latest version in the geronimo
repository at runtime.  From your request for a minimum version
number I would think this would satisfy your requirements.
If this is an excerpt from a maven 2 pom then you should ask the
maven team to make version ranges work more reliably.

Hope this is relevant to what you are asking about.

david jencks

No, you answered it, I was speaking in relation to  the plan file.  I will 
remove the version numbers.  Is that documented anywhere, I am sure it is or you 
wouldn't have known about it.  I don't think this was in the quick  start guide 

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