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From Aman Nanner/MxI Technologies <>
Subject XML Validation error when using <local-home> element in ejb-jar.xml
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 20:20:21 GMT


I am using Geronimo 1.2, and I'm in the midst of changing all my EJB
interfaces in my application to local interfaces from remote interfaces.
For reasons that I do not understand, I'm getting an XML validation error
on my ejb-jar.xml when trying to deploy my application.  According to the
this XSD,,  I would think
that my ejb-jar.xml should validate properly.

Here is the error I get, along with a fragment of my ejb-jar.xml:

     [java]     Error: Unable to distribute acme.ear: Error parsing

     [java]             Invalid deployment descriptor: [error:
     [java]     Expected element
'ejb-class@' instead
     [java]     of 'local-home@' here in
     [java]     session@, error:
     [java]     cvc-complex-type.2.4a: Expected element
     [java]     'ejb-class@' instead of
     [java]     'local@' here in element
     [java]     session@]

     [java]     Descriptor: <ejb-jar
     [java]     xsi:schemaLocation="
     [java]     xmlns=""
     [java]     xmlns:xsi="">

     [java]       <display-name>Acme Common</display-name>

     [java]       <enterprise-beans>

     [java]         <session>

     [java]           <display-name>TestObject</display-name>

     [java]           <ejb-name>TestObject</ejb-name>

     [java]           <local-home>com.acme.ejb.dao.DAOHome</local-home>

     [java]           <local>com.acme.ejb.dao.DAORemote</local>

     [java]           <ejb-class>com.acme.ejb.dao.DAOBean</ejb-class>

     [java]           <session-type>Stateless</session-type>

     [java]           <transaction-type>Container</transaction-type>

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