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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: Geronimo's vision
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 18:56:05 GMT
Sorry for the shortness of answers, but we try to keep known IBM WASCE 
specific issues out of the Geronimo community, since we (WASCE) are the 
ones who reuse Apache Geronimo source code as allowed under the ASL v2 

We have had several discussions before between WASCE and Geronimo 
members about the Eclipse Plug-in and how to best "rebrand" it for our 
offering.  Currently, its just that, a rebranding to change the 
displayed names and graphics in Eclipse, disable a few features (like 
the ability to download a server instance) and add a few features (like 
the ability in our current 1.1.1 plugin to mark references to Geronimo 
provided jars besides the J2EE Spec jars as warnings.)

It was our (WASCE) decision, to not change all of the package, plugin 
and feature names from the Geronimo provided 
org.apache.geronimo.devtools.* in the plugin code, which would have been 
the only way to solve this problem within the provided Eclipse 
programming model today.  Our overriding goal, is to not create a fork 
of the Geronimo code (including the Eclipse Plugin), which would be so 
completely different, that none of the Geronimo Apps, Samples, Tools or 
Plugins would not work with WASCE.

As we work on delivering a 2.0 release, we always welcome suggestions of 
how to improve our WASCE offering and eliminate any detrimental impacts 
we have on Geronimo users, but I still feel that those initial 
discussions are better had on our IBM devWorks forum or through our IBM 
Support channels, instead of the Geronimo mailing lists.  Once we have 
defined features or enhancements that require changes in Geronimo and 
which would benefit users of Geronimo, then we can open JIRAs or start a 
discussion thread on the Geronimo mailing lists....

As for this case, if you have knowledge or suggestions on how to create 
"rebrandable" Eclipse plugin that can allow multiples to coexist within 
a single Eclipse workspace, then please do start a IBM devWorks or 
dev@geronimo thread with the details so we can further explore this for 
a future release.


Bruno Melloni wrote:
> Hello Matt, 
> Thanks for your answer.  As to your question, it was bug 3095.  The bug
> may be in the Geronimo plugin code or it may be in the WAS CE derivation
> from such code.  Regardless of where it is, it hampers the ability to
> use Geronimo in Eclipse when another server derived from Geronimo (WAS
> CE in this case) is installed first.
> The response seems to say that this is a "known limitation" of WAS CE,
> not Geronimo, and sounded as coming from a WAS CE team member.  It also
> indicates that "we will not be fixing it in the 1.1 or 2.0 releases" (of
> WAS CE I presume) and was closed as "invalid".  
> No chance seemed to be given to the Geronimo team to consider the side
> effects or to take preventive measures (i.e.: Adding a clause to the
> Geronimo license requiring that any derived work must not interfere with
> the original).
> bruno
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> From: Matt Hogstrom [] 
> Sent: Monday, April 23, 2007 6:13 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Geronimo's vision
> Hi Bruno,
> <-- snip -->
> I was concerned about your comment about "how a bug report was handled"
> comment you mentioned above.  How was it handled that gave you a bad
> feeling?

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