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From Daniel John Debrunner <>
Subject Re: Geronimo's vision
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 15:33:03 GMT
Bruno Melloni wrote:
> Hello Matt, 
> Thanks for your answer.  As to your question, it was bug 3095.  The bug
> may be in the Geronimo plugin code or it may be in the WAS CE derivation
> from such code.  Regardless of where it is, it hampers the ability to
> use Geronimo in Eclipse when another server derived from Geronimo (WAS
> CE in this case) is installed first.
> No chance seemed to be given to the Geronimo team to consider the side
> effects or to take preventive measures 

The Geronimo community had every chance (and still has) to discuss the 
issue, one member of a community marking an issue as invalid does not 
mean discussion has to stop. Since everyone is a peer in an ASF 
community it's fine to question any decision and/or openly discuss it, 
for example the bug could have been re-opened. Hopefully each person 
brings valid technical reasons and the standard ASF consensus gathering 
can proceed to lead to a solution that works for all. Apache is a 
"do-ocracy" -- power of those who do. 

 > (i.e.: Adding a clause to the
 > Geronimo license requiring that any derived work must not interfere with
 > the original).

This would not be acceptable to the ASF, code is released under the 
ALv2, not with any additional restrictions. See the current open letter 
to Sun, for example.

Maybe though there's a technical solution to this issue.


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