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From "Jay D. McHugh" <>
Subject Re: What jars need to be included to make the EJB related annotations work?
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 18:20:44 GMT

I have begun using annotations from within 'generic' Eclipse and 
actually (depending on what Geronimo version you are deploying to) you 
should only need to add jars to your build path.

In my case, since I also build my Geronimo from source, I end up having 
most of the jars in my maven repository.

What type of annotations are you wanting to use?


I am using annotations related to resources and JPA and the jars that I 
have added to my build path to support this are:

(this next one is probably the big one)

None of these are being included in my app, they are just there to allow 
Eclipse to do some validation and compile everything.

Which version of Geronimo are you trying to deploy to?


Jim Barrows wrote:
> On 4/23/07, Mark Aufdencamp <> wrote:
>> Hi James,
>>  I've been using the same environment for the last few months.  If 
>> you have
>> any questions regarding MyEclipse and Geronimo, feel free to send 
>> them my
>> way:)
>>  As your using 5.1.1, I'll presume your using EJB 2.1 with XDoclet
>> annotations.  If you haven't gone through the two EJB tutorials on the
>> MyEclipse site, I'd suggest checking them out.  laliluna also has a free
>> tutorial on defining relationships.  Thier one-to-many uni tutorial 
>> is free.
>>  They also have a tutorial for more complex relationships, but I have 
>> not
>> purchased it yet.
> I want to use Annotations, and not XDoclet.  Nothing against XDoclet.
>>  You shouldn't require any jar's for XDoclet generation of EJB's.  If 
>> you've
>> created a MyEclipse EJB project and added the EJB XDoclet support to 
>> it via
>> the project properties, the ejb-jar.xml should be auto-generating for 
>> you
>> when you run the MyEclipse XDoclet menu option on the project.  
>> You'll need
>> to handcraft your openejb-jar.xml deployment descriptor.
>> Hope that helps getting you in the right direction.
>> Mark Aufdencamp
>> -------- Original Message --------
>> Subject: What jars need to be included to make the EJB related
>> annotations work?
>> From: "Jim Barrows" <>
>> Date: Mon, April 23, 2007 6:13 am
>> To: user <>
>> I'm using Eclipse 3.2.2, with the MyEclipse 5.1.1 plugins installed.
>> However, when creating an EJB, the annotations do not work. After
>> looking around, I realized that I needed the righ Jar file(s), but
>> could not figure out with jars in Geronimo would do that for me.
>> Could anyone point them out to me?
>> -- 
>> James A Barrows

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