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From "Jay D. McHugh" <>
Subject Re: Geronimo's vision
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 18:09:03 GMT
Hello Bruno,

I'm not sure how anyone else would react, but I don't see Geronimo as 
simply an incubator for WASCE.

I tried using WASCE about a year ago and after learning that it had 
Geronimo as a base - I switched to Geronimo.  And, I haven't looked back 
(no offense IBM).

In fact, CE's last release (last time I checked anyway) was based on 
Geronimo 1.1 and was about a year ago.

In that time, Geronimo has made tremendous strides toward full JEE5 
support (in the 2.0 branch) and towards a more than complete J2EE 
version (in the 1.2 branch).

IBM may currently be the employer of a large number of commiters, but I 
think that it is just a matter of time before non-IBMers begin to catch 
up (and hopefully pass) in the committer base for the project.

I for one have never considered Geronimo as simply being the incubator 
for WASCE .  Geronimo was around before WASCE ever did.  The fact that 
IBM has used it as the base simply testifies to how complete a product 
Geronimo is and the level of quality it possesses.


Bruno Melloni wrote:
> With thanks to IBM for their heavy contributions to Geronimo - about 50%
> of Geronimo's contributors - and no criticism intended, I am wondering
> about Apache's long term intent for the product.  
> Is it intended to eventually be taken over by the Apache community at
> large, with no single firm dominating the decision-making?  In such case
> I can easily see it filling the vacuum left when jBoss was bought out by
> RedHat.
> Or is it intended to be/remain as an incubator for Websphere Community
> Edition?
> Bruno

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