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From Peter Petersson <>
Subject Re: Library conflict
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 13:02:33 GMT
jgunz wrote:
> I've been trying to build and deploy a GBean in a WAR file that contains a
> set of third-party dependency libraries in WEB-INF/lib. One of these
> libraries is XmlBeans 2.2.0. My application deploys fine but when it tries
> to use XmlBeans I get a "no such method exception" which appears to be
> caused by the use of an older version of XmlBeans. Geronimo uses 2.0.0 from
> its repository and this seems to be the library that is used instead of the
> bundled JAR.
> Is there a solution to this problem that doesn't involve degrading to 2.0.0
> and or using the common repository. I'd like to avoid the common repository
> to simplify the deployment procedure.
> I'm using geronimo-tomcat6-jee5-2.0-M3.
> Thanks.
If I understand your right you could try using a hidden classes filter 
in your Geronimo configuration (geronimo-web.xml) file like this:


This will hide the Geronimo global XmlBeans classes from your application.

   Peter Petersson

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