After spending 3hours on finishing the Apache "Roller on  Geronimo" Im sorry to say that all was lost. After I pressing preview I must have done something stupid as when I got back to editing everyting was lost :( (really annoying if you ask me).
Peter Petersson wrote:
Jacek Laskowski wrote:
On 3/18/07, Peter Petersson <peter@pmb.mine.nu> wrote:
I could try to put something together I guess you are talking about the
"Apache Geronimo v1.2 Samples" section?

Not necessarily. I didn't have anything specific in my mind as far as
the place in wiki is concerned. Put it anywhere you see it might fit
and when it ends up in an incorrect place someone (possibly Hernan
;-)) will take care of its proper place.
Well I have started to compile some information together, but I am a bit confused about the location, I was aiming at the  "http://cwiki.apache.org/GMOxSAMPLES/apache-geronimo-v12-samples.html" page but the " Apache Roller on Geronimo" page is showing up as a child page to it erm, someone with the powers may move it (I did not seem to be able to). At this moment it's just a draft I will pick it up again after this weekend.
Except from following the "Tips for writing and formating documents" and
looking in to similar pages for guidelines is there any other
documents or information you would like to point me to ?

Not that I'm aware of. Don't worry about doco formalities - it's very
helpful if people obey to them, but if it hinders your actions forget
about them (for this particular moment ;-)). Just put the content so
others can chime in and start contributing as a result of your
findings documented.

Thanks Peter!