You should be able to do it in your persistence.xml file. with the  <jta-data-source> element
e.g. < jta-data-source>java:comp/env/MyTestPool</jta-data-source>

On 3/28/07, Ueberbach, Michael <> wrote:


I need some help in finding out the right way to deploy an ejb-application in Geronimo 2.0M3.
Szenario is as follows:
There is a connection-pool already deployed to an existing MySQL-Database, let's say "MyTestPool".
The application has some entity beans and stateless session beans using EJB3.0 annotations. I want to use JPA
for persistence.
Can someone give an example what way the mimimum persistence.xml and the neccessary corresponding entries in the openejb-jar.xml

have to look like to get right connection between the application and the connection-pool?

I've had already a look at the daytrader example (2.0M2-jpa-plan.xml), but (if I got it right) this makes use of an ext-module

entry for the database connection. Is this really neccessary? How can I describe a reference to my existing connection-pool?

Thanks for every hint.