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From Aman Nanner/MxI Technologies <>
Subject JMS Queue/Topic definitions and external ActiveMQ XBean configuration
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 22:00:26 GMT


I'm currently trying to configure an ActiveMQ JMS message bridge.  In order
to do this, I had to recompile Geronimo 1.2 so that it would pick up its
ActiveMQ broker configuration from an external XBean configuration file.  I
also deploy an EAR to Geronimo that consists of our application.  Within
this EAR, I have an ActiveMQ RAR adapter with an XML plan, in which I
define all my JMS topics and queues.

The first problem is that I cannot configure a message bridge to my JMS
topics and queues, because the ActiveMQ broker cannot "see" these topics
and queues in my EAR (my EAR is the last module to start up).  Because of
this problem, I considered moving all my JMS topics and queues outside of
my EAR and into the ActiveMQ XBean configuration itself.  However, once I
do that, I can no longer deploy my EAR to the server due to an error that I
get.  It appears that the deployer does not like my references to the
queues in my ejb-jar.xml and openejb-jar.xml descriptors, as it can no
longer find the definitions of the queues in my EAR.  The actual error I
get during deployment is:

     [java] Deployer operation failed: Can not resolve admin object ref
?j2eeType=JCAAdminObject,name=com/mxi/mx/jms/LocalTopic# in configuration
     [java] org.apache.geronimo.common.DeploymentException: Can not resolve
admin object ref ?j2eeType=JCAAdminObject,name=com/mxi/mx/jms/LocalTopic#
in configuration Mxi/Testing/1/ear

Does anybody have any suggestions as how to resolve this "circular"

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