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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: reconciling geronimo common libs and standalone maven2 repository
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 22:58:54 GMT

On Mar 15, 2007, at 6:19 PM, Cedric Hurst wrote:

> I looked into plugins a few times before but I wasn't quite sure  
> how they
> would work with Maven repositories directly.  From my  
> understanding, the
> repo must have a geronimo-plugins.xml file to work as a remote  
> repository
> for Geronimo.
> I guess I'm really just trying to gain access to the rich library  
> of maven2
> libraries from within the geronimo common libs.
> Unfortunately, the Geronimo Plugins catalog seems relatively  
> limited so far.
> I can't any of my required dependencies on,  
> whereas I
> can find them all on 
> maven2/.  I'd
> like to be able to say say "I need hibernate-3.2" in my deployment  
> plan and
> have Geronimo go out to the Maven2 central repository and download  
> hibernate
> and all its dependencies.

so, I didn't explain myself very well, all too common... hopefully I  
won't make things worse....

Geronimo is built up out of modules (formerly called configurations)  
which are more or less pre-deployed applications with dependency  
information in a form geronimo can understand.  Geronimo plugins are  
modules with a little more metadata, but I'm not quite sure what it  
is, just that it makes it easier to move them around and install them  
from remote plugin repos.

So, I think you want to end up with your app as a geronimo module, or  
more likely a geronimo plugin.  There are a couple ways to do that.   
I think the most satisfactory for you will probably be to use the  
geronimo car-maven-plugin to directly build the module/plugin using  
maven, and then it will be in your local maven repo.  You can also  
deploy it to remote repos using mvn deploy (I think, I have't tried  
this).  To turn it into a plugin you just include an xml file in the  
appropriate spot after figuring out what goes inside.

OK, now you have your module, and you need to get it into a geronimo  
server.  This is the part where I'm not sure what functionality is  
currently available where.  i think if its a plugin then the plugin  
installer will pull the dependencies you need, but I'm not exactly  
sure where they are specified or pulled from.  You can also just  
install a car file but I don't think that pulls dependencies from  
anywhere -- the deployer does't know about maven repos.  the maven  
assembly stuff definitely knows how to install a car file from your  
local repo into a geronimo repo, and pull all the dependencies  
transitively into the g. repo.  However I don't know whether it can  
do this with an existing server -- the only places its used now are  
to build a whole new server.

I think what we need is a way to run the assembly functionality in  
the car plugin so it installs the car + dependencies into a specified  
geronimo server.  I don't know if it can do this right now but all  
the basic functionality is there, at most we'd need to wire it up  

david jencks

> djencks wrote:
>> On Mar 15, 2007, at 5:13 PM, CedricHurst wrote:
>>> I have another question regarding Geronimo and Maven2 interaction.
>>> In the lab we're building, we have quite a few dependencies (Spring,
>>> Hibernate, org.json, Derby Client).  We're using Maven2 to define
>>> these
>>> dependencies within the project and inject them in the WAR file,
>>> but we're
>>> wondering if there's a better way.  I've often stared at the common
>>> libs
>>> portlet in the admin console and wondered if there was a way to get
>>> that
>>> talking to our standalone maven repository.  This would would allow
>>> us to
>>> pull down the dependency trees through the maven command and have  
>>> them
>>> available inside the Geronimo installation at-large (instead of
>>> manually
>>> adding 20+ libraries by hand from the admin console).  That way,
>>> instead of
>>> specifying the dependencies in the pom.xml and deploying a 100MB+
>>> war file,
>>> we could define the dependencies in the deployment plan and push  
>>> much
>>> smaller files to the server, relying on common libs to supply the
>>> needed
>>> jars.  Is this possible?
>> Yes.  That's kind of how we build the server.  The car-maven-plugin
>> uses the local maven repository as the geronimo repository and
>> basically starts a server up using the maven repo, and runs some
>> deploy command, and then copies the result(s) back into the local
>> maven repo.  Assembly looks at the recorded geronimo dependencies in
>> each module/configuration we install and pulls its dependencies from
>> the local maven repo into the repository of the server being  
>> assembled.
>> There's also the plugin system which is pretty much like what the
>> assembly stuff does except it can work with remote maven repos.  It
>> has an additional xml file describing more about the plugin, but I'm
>> not exactly sure what.
>> There are some problems relating the geronimo and maven concepts of
>> repository, mostly about how to resolve versions, but I'm not sure
>> they are insurmountable, just very annoying when you run into them.
>> So, I'm not really clear on what you are trying to do, but I think if
>> you study these a bit you can figure out a way to have a slim war
>> with no external jars in it and use a collection of maven and
>> geronimo repositories to load all the classes.
>> One thing the car plugin does for you if you use it to "predeploy"
>> your app is copy the maven dependencies from the pom.xml into your
>> geronimo plan: that's why the plans in our configs dir don't have an
>> environment element in them.  This is slightly problematical due to
>> the different meanings of "scope" in maven and geronimo and we might
>> adopt a different system soon but might still be worth looking at.
>> I think I'd recommend you go for a plugin.
>> Hope this helps, perhaps I'll understand better exactly what you want
>> to do with your next reply.
>> thanks
>> david jencks
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