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From Peter Petersson <>
Subject Re: Running Apache Roller on Geronimo
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2007 00:30:39 GMT
Jacek Laskowski wrote:
> On 3/18/07, Peter Petersson <> wrote:
>> I could try to put something together I guess you are talking about the
>> "Apache Geronimo v1.2 Samples" section?
> Not necessarily. I didn't have anything specific in my mind as far as
> the place in wiki is concerned. Put it anywhere you see it might fit
> and when it ends up in an incorrect place someone (possibly Hernan
> ;-)) will take care of its proper place.
Well I have started to compile some information together, but I am a bit 
confused about the location, I was aiming at the  
page but the " Apache Roller on Geronimo" page is showing up as a child 
page to it erm, someone with the powers may move it (I did not seem to 
be able to). At this moment it's just a draft I will pick it up again 
after this weekend.
>> Except from following the "Tips for writing and formating documents" and
>> looking in to similar pages for guidelines is there any other
>> documents or information you would like to point me to ?
> Not that I'm aware of. Don't worry about doco formalities - it's very
> helpful if people obey to them, but if it hinders your actions forget
> about them (for this particular moment ;-)). Just put the content so
> others can chime in and start contributing as a result of your
> findings documented.
> Thanks Peter!
> Jacek

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