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From "Ted Kirby" <>
Subject Multiple Server Instances Issues (was Re: Geronimo v2.0 Documentation update)
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 18:23:53 GMT
Jack points out the need to change port numbers, and I have updated
the document at
The suggestion for an automated way to do this is a good one.

I have encountered two issues in my testing.

1. After defining a second instance on the same machine, and manually
changing all the port numbers in config.xml, I still get two
port-in-use failures:

10:46:08,031 DEBUG [GBeanInstanceState] GBeanInstanceState for:
State changed from starting to running
10:46:08,125 FATAL [remote] Service Start Failed: admin thread 4200: Service failed to start.: Address already in use:
10:46:08,125 FATAL [remote] Service Start Failed: ejbd 4201:
Service failed to start.: Address already in use: NET_Bind

4201 is fixed by adding:
    <module name="org.apache.geronimo.configs/openejb/2.0-SNAPSHOT/car">
        <gbean name="EJBNetworkService">
            <attribute name="port">4208</attribute>
to config.xml.

I cannot figure out how to change the 4200, nor can I find it in the
code.  Can anyone tell me how/where to change this port number?

2. It seems that BrokerServiceGBeanImpl erroneously resolves the
activemq journal directory to GERONIMO_HOME via
serverInfo.resolve(dataDirectory), when I think it should resolve it
to the server base via serverInfo.resolveServer(dataDirectory).

I observer that the activemq journal is in
GERONIMO_HOME/var/activemq/journal with a last modified timestamp of
when I started my first server, and my SERVER_BASE/var has no activemq

Ted Kirby

On 2/27/07, Jack <> wrote:
> Hernan Cunico <> wrote:
>  Hi All,
> Administration docs are half way through. Would like to hear new ideas for
> topics to cover, see
> Just added Virtual Host configuration example for both Jetty and Tomcat.
> Cheers!
> Hernan
> hi,
> i have read and try the multiple instance subject, but it doesn't work until
> i add the env variable
> GERONIMO_BASE=directory_of_second_instance.

I would be interested to learn the problem that was fixed by setting
GERONIMO_BASE.  From my reading of the java code, it is used only in
the geronimo.{} scripts, not any of the java server code.

> either, there's no tool to automatically increment/decrement port number in
> config.xml to start correctly a second instance. i have used a small java
> app using
> jdom.jar.
> regards,
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