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From Paul McMahan <>
Subject Re: How to deploy a portlet?
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 16:32:14 GMT
There are a couple of options that I know of for deploying JSR 168  
portlets in Geronimo 1.1.1.

One is to embed Apache Pluto in your WAR and deploy it in Geronimo  
just like any other WAR.  Pluto provides JSR 168 support but the  
portal layout, navigation, etc are configured internally in your WAR  
with XML files.  The Geronimo Administration Console implements it  
portlet interface in this way, for example.

Another option is to install a portal server such as Liferay into  
Geronimo and then install your portlets into it.  If you go with this  
option then you can download Liferay from their website and install  
it into Geronimo manually or you can install it as a plugin using  
Geronimo's admin console which I think is easier.

To install Liferay as a plugin from the admin console follow these  
-  Log into your admin console at http://localhost:8080/console  
(default creds are system/manager)
-  Click Plugins: Create/Install link on the left
-  Click Add Repository link
-  Add this URL :
-  Now select that URL from the drop down list and click the Search  
for Plugins button
-  Install and start the liferay-pool plugin (this is the database  
and connection pool for Liferay)
-  Install and start the liferay-portal-tomcat plugin
-  Your portal should now be accessible at http://localhost:8080/
     Liferay admin instructions are at: 
-  tip:  you can get much better performance by replacing the default  
database pool which uses an internal Derby instance with a pool that  
uses an external database such as MySQL or DB2

Best wishes,

On Mar 29, 2007, at 3:28 AM, Jochen Zink wrote:

> Hi at all,
> I'm a little confused and I found no solution. But I believe it  
> must be very simple. ;)
> I have a JSR-168 Portlet and want them to deploy on geronimo 1.1.1.  
> What must I do, that it run as a portlet? I can't find any  
> documentation about that.
> Sorry for the question, but I don't get it run. What must I  
> configure? Has anyone a little and very basic example?
> Thanks for every reply!
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