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From "Anshuk Chinmoy Pal Chaudhuri" <>
Subject Integrating Websphere MQ with Geronimo 1.1
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 16:32:15 GMT
I am trying to integrate geronimo 1.1 with Websphere MQ.
I am trying to use a MDB and a jms adapter. The adapter would listen to the queue declared
on websphere mq manager.
The eaxmple that is there at,
I am trying to use that only.The example is given for geronimo 1.0 but I have changed all
the required plans for geornimo1.1.
The ear application which I have created contains the adaptr.rar (similar to what is there
in the example link) and a mdb (similar to what is there in the example link).
I am not defining any topics as what described in the example because I do not require those.
The application is getting deployed correctly.
But after when the adapter is trying to lookup the factory gerQCF in the class org.apache.geronimo.jms.connector.inbound.EndPointConsumer
in the method getMessages ...after that nothing is happening.
I think I have configured the Websphere MQ wrongly as mentioned in the example.Although I
have configured the JMSAdmin.config correctly and created the correct jms bindings using JMSAdmin.bat,
otherwise while looking up the factory only a name not found exception would have thrown.
But what I am confused about is while configuring WebsphereMQ in the example
*	Run MQSC command using the following file found in <MQ_Install_Dir>/java/bin/MQJMS_PSQ.mqsc
( runmqsc pubsub.qmgr < MQJMS_PSQ.mqsc ) 

I am not able to do this part.Is this the reason why the process is getting stuck.

Please let me know. And if anyone has faced similar kind of problems and find a solution to
it, let me know, so that I can send across the ear file.I did not want to send the ear to
everybody in this mail so that I do not end up spamming everyone's mailbox.





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