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From Mark Aufdencamp <>
Subject RE: Geronimo Eclipse Plugin publishes multiple times
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 14:40:34 GMT
<div>I've seen similar behavior.</div>
I'm using the MyEclipse plug-in rather than the Geronimo plug-in.&nbsp;
I have a large webapp as a result of some embedded content (Bad design but it's a prototype
app).&nbsp; It appears the auto deployer polls the drive space to look for new applications
and begins deployment prior to the plug-in completing the copy.&nbsp;&nbsp; On several
occasions the drive space as been out of sync with the repository and I've had to manually
delete the application directory to correct the issue.&nbsp; I've also resorted to building
a .war and manually deploying it, rather than relying on the plug-in to copy the files.&nbsp;</div>
Perhaps the answer lies in tuning the polling interval on a per
installation basis.&nbsp; Hope my two cents helps:)<BR></div>
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<BLOCKQUOTE style="PADDING-LEFT: 8px; MARGIN-LEFT: 8px; BORDER-LEFT: blue 2px solid">--------
Original Message --------<BR>Subject: Re: Geronimo Eclipse Plugin publishes multiple
times<BR>From: "Johannes Weberhofer, Weberhofer GmbH" &lt;;<BR>Date:
Thu, March 29, 2007 6:34 am<BR>To:<BR><BR>
I can confirm this behaviour on our developers machines. As geronimo
1.1.1 seem to "loose" around 5MB at every redeployment (the PermGenSpace is growing), we usually
can redeploy only 3-5 times before getting a PermGenSpace error: One EAR redeployment causes
20-30 restarts of the application on the server, each time loosing 5MB.<BR><BR>
We spent some time on investigating this issue, but as lack of time, we
started restarting geronimo frequently and/or redeploy on exporting the ear file to the deploy
directory, which does not show this behaviour.<BR><BR>
I think, that Geronimo starts redeploying too early, already during the
Btw: As the application is started very frequently, the server and the
redeploy process becomes very slow.<BR><BR>Johannes Weberhofer<BR><BR>Sachin
Patel schrieb:<BR>
&gt; Ok. &nbsp;Could you please open a JIRA and attach a test case that
reproduces <BR>
&gt; the problem? Please also indicate platform, and exact versions of
<BR>&gt; eclipse/wtp you are using.<BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; thx<BR>&gt;
<BR>&gt; -sachin<BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; On Mar
28, 2007, at 6:13 PM, Andres wrote:<BR>&gt; <BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>
&gt;&gt; We do not have autopublish enabled nor do we use XDoclet.
&nbsp;I do not <BR>&gt;&gt; have this<BR>
&gt;&gt; problems with other servers (specifically Tomcat and
Weblogic).<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; Thanks,<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
Andres<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; Sachin
Patel wrote:<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>
&gt;&gt;&gt; Do you have autopublish enabled and/or using XDoclet by
chance? I<BR>
&gt;&gt;&gt; think someone else reported this behavior on other servers
and I<BR>
&gt;&gt;&gt; think this may be a WTP bug but have yet to investigate
further. &nbsp;If<BR>
&gt;&gt;&gt; you do have autopublish enabled, disable it and invoke
manually<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt; publishes.<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;
On Mar 24, 2007, at 12:08 AM, Andres wrote:<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Whenever I republish a WAR project using the Geronimo
Eclipse<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; plugin, it<BR>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; sometimes redeploys more than once. &nbsp;I traced the
eclipse plugin<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; and I see<BR>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; it redeploying for every JAR that has changed, one at a
time (so if I<BR>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; rebuilt all 50 of my JAR projects, it results in 50
redeploys).<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; I'm pretty<BR>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; sure this is related to an Eclipse bug that Sachin
Patel opened<BR>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; (
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; GERONIMODEVTOOLS-52 fix this problem in the 1.2.1
devtools branch<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; by moving<BR>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; away from the generic server framework? &nbsp;I tried
building it myself to<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; verify but Maven could not
download the artficat<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; org.apache.geronimo.devtools:geronimo-1.1-emf:jar:1.0.<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;
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