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From "Ghattu, Satya [CCC-OT_IT]" <>
Subject RE: Install plugin to local repository
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 13:52:09 GMT
Thanks for the information. Wow, did not expect this to be so
complicated, may be it is not but with my little understanding of
geromino it sounds complicated. Probably I should explain why I am
trying to do this. 
Basically I am trying to setup a WASCE environment for our users on a
solaris machine. I installed WASCE under say /opt/wasce. I created
several instances of wasce servers under /export1/users/server1,
/export1/users/server2. These instances use the binaries from
/opt/wasce. Now  I Created a simple web application, emtServlet.war.
>From the Admin console I deployed this application, so far so good.
When I looked at the config.xml, I see this entry.
<module name="default/emtServlet/1170941980461/war"/>
And I see that under the <WASCE_HOME>/repository there is a directory
structure with default/emtServlet/1170941980461 created. I can
understand why this can be but in our environment WASCE_HOME will always
be read-only and the user using the server instance will not have write

So, How can I deploy a simple application such that the server does not
write to the WASCE_HOME directory? Like in other App Servers can
geromino always deploy from a file?

Sorry if this is very basic, still trying to get my feet wet ... ;-).

Thanks for your help,

-----Original Message-----
From: David Jencks [] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2007 1:01 PM
Subject: Re: Install plugin to local repository

On Feb 7, 2007, at 9:01 AM, Ghattu, Satya [CCC-OT_IT] wrote:

> Folks,
> I am trying to install a plugin that I have created on to a WASCE 1.1 
> Server. I am using the deploy tool's install-plugin to do that. It 
> works great but is there any way to specify a different repository 
> rather than the default. After installing the plugin, the plugin 
> artifacts are downloaded to <WASCE_HOME>/repository directory. Since I

> have multiple instances of wasce server's sharing the same 
> installation, I would like each server instance to have a local 
> repository. Is this possible?
> I already have
> <gbean name="DownloadedPluginRepos">
> <attribute
> name="userRepositories">[file:/export1/ste/dev/SG97681/work/ibm/
> myroot/j
> ets/lib/repository]</attribute>
> </gbean>
> nn my config.xml, but that does not seem to help.
> Appreciate any help on this.

It's remarkably inconvenient to make this work at the moment, although
it should be fairly easy to fix.

You've tried to change the wrong end of the plugin installation process

I'm assuming that you have a separate configuration to install the
additional  server-specific repository and config store that you want to
install plugins into.

What you need to do is disable the PluginInstaller gbean in the rmi-
naming module and add a replacement gbean into your server-specific repo
plan that points to the repo and config store in that plan.

So, in config.xml you'd have

     <module name="org.apache.geronimo.configs/rmi-naming/${version}/
         <gbean name="PluginInstaller" load="false"/> ...

and in your plan something like

     <gbean name="PluginInstaller"  
         <reference name="Repository">
         <reference name="ConfigStore">
         <reference name="ConfigManager">
         <reference name="ServerInfo">
         <reference name="ThreadPool">
         <reference name="PluginAttributeStore">

What we need is for the deploy tool to look at a target config store
option of some kind as do the jsr-88 like deploy commands.  This should
be easy to implement.  A JIRA issue would be a good place to start.  I
don't think such an improvement will get into geronimo 1.2 but it might
into 2.0.

david jencks

> Thank You,
> -satya

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