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From Orion Letizi <>
Subject Clustering Geronimo with Open Terracotta
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 17:22:02 GMT
This is very cool.  You beat me to it-- I was going to add a  
clustering with geronimo to our wiki as well.

At the end of the page, you list a few open questions:

> Investigate if there is a slimmed down Terracotta sessions download  
> image that doesn't include the Session Configurator, JDK, samples, etc

> Investigate if there is a slimmed down Terracotta sessions download  
> image that doesn't includes only the Terracotta Client.

Our next release will have only a single, monolithic kit.  The  
current Terracotta Sessions kit actually does include the server,  
it's just packaged up a bit differently.  The multiple kits were very  
confusing to people, so we decided to collapse them all (DSO, Spring,  
and Sessions) into a single kit.  As for a reduced kit that doesn't  
include configurator, jdk, samples, etc.-- I'll cross-post this to tc- 
dev and bring the subject up there.	

> Investigate if Open Terracotta plans to support the Jetty Web  
> Container.

Jetty support is currently in the works.  I personally really like  

> Investigate Sticky Session support.

Not sure what you mean by this...

> Investigate when Open Terracotta will support EJB clustering for  
> Geronimo.

EJB clustering is also in the works.  Tim Eck (one of our developers)  
and Jeff Genender were working on EJB clustering a couple of weeks  
ago.  They got prototype EJB clustering working.  Not sure of the  
current status.

> Investigate when Open Terracotta will support the IBM JDK.

We're planning on doing IBM JDK support soon, although I'm not sure  
if it's been slated for a specific release yet.  My guess is sometime  
in the first half of this year-- but, that's just a guess.


> I've added an article to the Geronimo wiki that describes how to  
> cluster
> Geronimo HTTP Session web application data using the Open Terracotta
> project.
> terracotta.html
> Feel free to get it a try..

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