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From "Lasantha Ranaweera" <>
Subject Re: JPA in geronimo
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 04:47:39 GMT
Hi David,

I have been going on this same jpa sample given on testsuite and having a
problem too (may be I am missing some basic thing in JSR). Anyway thought
to give a try on this same thread it looks iron is hot here and it will
give some insight on G to our users too. ;)

In my debugging enviroment shows that above sample application creates 3
PersistenceUnitGBeans. The one I dont understand it named 'cmp'. Where
does it comes from ? Either 'persistence.xml' or 'openejb-jar.xml' doesn't
have that information know. Do you have any idea what is I am missing


> For g 1.2 you can consult the daytrader jpa mode (daytrader 1.2
> IIUC).  G 1.2 is not jaaee5 compliant so you have to use a bunch of
> proprietary features.
> for g 2.0 you can consult the ttestsuite/enterprise-testsuite/jpa-
> tests/ which has a very simple example that I think is using only
> spec features.  I think pretty much everything is working except
> persistence-context-ref and persistence-unit-ref injection.  That
> might work in ejbs.
> Hope this helps
> david jencks

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