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Subject Web App Servlet calling EJB
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2007 17:16:22 GMT
Hello Everyone,

After a good peice of information last week, I was able to get my stand
alone application call to a remote HelloWorld Session EJB. Thanks to
Richard Carragher, Jr for defining the required client libraries.  I'm
documenting my learning experence, and that has definetly made it into
my outline.

I'm now attempting to make the same call from a JSP.  I have a few
questions that I would appreciate someone clarifying for me.

1. I presume that in the absence of an EAR definition, that a
Servlet/JSP call to the EJB is still considered to be "Remote". I
should use the same JNDI context lookup and will require the same
library jars in the WAR that were needed for the stand alone client. 
Is this correct?  If not, then how should I accomplish it?

2.  Do I need to define the ejb-ref or ejb-local-ref in the web.xml to
acess the EJB in this manner?  I've attempted this and keep getting a
"Could not find an EJB reference..." error mesage with more info about
not finding my EJB classes from the deployer.  I've been over the EJB
deployments in the ejb.xml and the openejb-jar.xml, as well as the
web.xml and the geronimo-web.xml.  I just need to find what I'm missing
in tying the WAR deploment to the EJB, and the code to the WAR

Thanks all,

Mark Aufdencamp

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