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Subject Re: Andromda ejb3 ear application on geronimo-tomcat6-j2ee5-2.0-M2
Date Sat, 24 Feb 2007 02:00:27 GMT
I've no idea what the problem is.... But I'm happy to hear folks are using (or trying to use)
andromda with geronimo. Would eventually like to get a sample together that shows this. I
really like andromda... Good to see folks using it ;-)



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From: "Michele La Porta" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 19:46:00
Subject: Andromda ejb3 ear application on geronimo-tomcat6-j2ee5-2.0-M2

I'm using a AndroMDA EJB3 Cartridge: <>  to
generate an ear plus some custom merge point mappings.The generated classes hierarchy is like


: <> 
: <> 
: <> 
: <> 
: <> 
: <> 
I just override templates/ejb3/SessionRemote.vsl and add @Remote 

 import javax.ejb.Remote;
 public interface UserServiceRemote 
     public com.urmet.vo.UserVO[] getAllUsers();

    Error: Unable to distribute usermanagement-1.0-SNAPSHOT.ear: Remote
    interface does not extend javax.ejb.EJBObject:


    Geronimo startup complete 
    18:35:37,875 WARN  [OpenEJB] Auto-deploying ejb UserServiceBean: EjbDeployment(deployment-id=geronim
    o-deploymentUtil18632.tmpdir/UserServiceBean, container-id=Default Stateless Container)
    18:35:37,875 WARN  [OpenEJB] Auto-deploying ejb UserDao: EjbDeployment(deployment-id=geronimo-deploy

    mentUtil18632.tmpdir/UserDao, container-id=Default Stateless Container)

I successfully deploy calculator-stateless-pojo
: <>
 and I cannot understand why I cannot deploy my application in the same way.

Any idea or suggestions?

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