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From Kanchana Welagedara <>
Subject JCA sample to use in Instance messaging
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 09:58:22 GMT
Hi All

I think geronimo needs more samples in the area of JCA presently it has
only one sample in the JBOSS to geronimo migration.

So I'm trying out a sample application which has the following dynamic

  1.EJB looks up the JNDI for the instant messenger Java Connector.
This   returns the javax.cci.ConnectionFactory. 
     2. EJB then requests a connection from the ConnectionFactory. 
     3. ConnectionFactory utilizes the ConnectionManager to request for
        a connection. 
     4. The ConnectionManager checks to see if there are any pooled
        connections. If there are none, it uses the
        ManagedConnectionFactory to create a ManagedConnection. 
     5. The application server creates a Connection using the
     6. The application server sets up the event listener on the
     7. The application server returns Connection to the
     8. The ConnectionFactory returns the Connection to the EJB. 
     9. EJB calls the send method on the Connection to send an instant
        message to another user. 
    10. EJB closes the Connection. 
    11. Connection informs the ManagedConnection so that it can be
        returned to the pool by ConnectionManager.
Are there any blocking issues of geronimo jca implementation to
implement this type of an application.I assumed the "MockManagedConn*"
are geronimo specific for "ManagedConn*"

I used following dependencies in geronimo-ra.xml to deploy the above
application as a rar and still giving an error saying no deployer




can anyone please help me in this.


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