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From Kanchana Welagedara <>
Subject Re: How do I set up JMS connections in a GBean?
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2007 05:26:25 GMT

Let's say That your network application needed to be plug-in geronimo
using a GBean.Because the geronimo is built up on a kernal and each
modules are plugged using Gbeans.
Further about GBeans.
I'm not quite understand about your application and what you are trying
to do exactly.But my comments are in line for question you have asked
about JMS  configurations.
On Sun, 2007-02-04 at 21:03 +0000, Fredrik Jonson wrote:
> Hello all, 
> I'm new to J2EE and Geronimo, and hope you can help me with a bit of
> application design advice.
> I have a legacy network component that I plan to to deploy as a GBean.
> The gbean stuff seems rather straight forward, no problem there as far
> as I can see from my first attempts.
> Now, to make the component communicate with a regular EJB application I
> would like to connect to geronimo's JMS provider and set up message
> producers for network originated data, and register a message listener
> for network bound data. 
> Do I need to make any special considerations due to it being deployed in
> geronimo and the jms provider being managed by geronimo? Do I need some
> sort of jms resource plan?
Geronimo server comes with a JMS server and application components that
can access JMS resources like connection factories, topics and queues
from it. This JMS server is also known as message broker. The default
message broker supported by Geronimo is ActiveMQ, usually does not need
to be changed since it is a mature and feature-rich JMS product.

What so ever your computer application,if you try to deploy  as a JMS
application on Geronimo server you should have a JMS resource
plan.Because all your data in the application are external to the server
and server should know your content.JMS resource plan can be generated
using geronimo web console and continue to deploy it via the wizard.

Look at the section of sample application
and deployment plans
Hope this will helpful.

>  Or is it something you configures in the
> deployment plan? Or is plain old jndi lookups enough? 
> TIA & regards, 

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