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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: JPA in geronimo
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 18:04:07 GMT
On Feb 25, 2007, at 2:11 AM, David Jencks wrote:

> On Feb 24, 2007, at 8:47 PM, Lasantha Ranaweera wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> I have been going on this same jpa sample given on testsuite and  
>> having a
>> problem too (may be I am missing some basic thing in JSR). Anyway  
>> thought
>> to give a try on this same thread it looks iron is hot here and it  
>> will
>> give some insight on G to our users too. ;)
>> In my debugging enviroment shows that above sample application  
>> creates 3
>> PersistenceUnitGBeans. The one I dont understand it named 'cmp'.  
>> Where
>> does it comes from ? Either 'persistence.xml' or 'openejb-jar.xml'  
>> doesn't
>> have that information know. Do you have any idea what is I am missing
>> here?
> That one is created by some magic code dain wrote to map cmp 2.1  
> entity beans to jpa.  Apparently it shows up even if you have no  
> entity beans.

It should only be created if your application has CMP entities.  If  
notice this code creating a persistence unit for applications without  
CMP entities, it is a bug.


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