You can also use the inPlace deployment of Geronimo. You don't need to create a war file every time. You can deploy your exploded directory. However, it would need your directory structure to be in webapp format.



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Yes that would be fine. I guess then I need to build a script for undeploying it first and then deploying it back again. But the job of archiving must also be done each time. Anyways thanks for the help.

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Use deployer.jar in your GERONIMO_HOME/bin folder from a command prompt.

java -jar deployer.jar <arhive_name>

vikas patil wrote:
> Hello all,
>            I am using the geronimo web based console for the
> deployment of my application wars. But it is becoming difficult for me
> every time to debug the application and test it over by deploying it
> every time I make changes.
>            So kindly suggest me an alternative to this browser based
> console.
>            Thanks and regards.
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> Yours ,
> Vikas A Patil

Yours ,

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