Actually to share a remote server in a development environment is a common usage scenario.  I've heard of this done before in development environments of other app servers. If you are able to set this up, please give us your feedback and suggestions for the server and development tools to make this type of configuration easier.

On Jan 3, 2007, at 12:28 AM, problems mail wrote:

Thanks for the reply, I will study this and see how I can set it up. Here are couple of reasons:
i) when a developer has completed the task he currently deploys the application to the server. It is easier to show the changes to the users on the common development box for the work that has been completed instead of having to display from his/her machine.
ii) currently our development environment is centralized (a percentage of security reason) + task visibility + user productivity etc. and all the mgmt b*** ****. This is pretty much how things work here, and has to stay that way :(.
There was an option to make changes in their development environments and deploy them to a common environment but we currently have this done into staging. The issues that can arise when people deploy into a common server location is very difficult to debug.
Also, I was hoping if someone has already taken the pain of setting this up to share his/her information. If I manage to complete this and make the environments, I will certainly publish this over here.

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On Jan 2, 2007, at 10:58 PM, problems mail wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to setup a development server for multiple developers
> on Geronimo. Is there a development setup for this ?
> Using tomcat we would have different ports and separate
> installations of tomcat.
> Anyone already setup their development environments ? - Please
> provide details.

This is possible, but I have to wonder why your developers don't just
run geronimo on their own machines.

You can change the  ports using the config.xml file.

You can actually share the geronimo repository by starting with a
command line argument

java -jar bin/server.jar --

in which case the server specific files will be located in myServer/var

However you may find that each developer deploying the same app on
their server interferes with the same app deployed by other developers.

this will require you to change a lot of ports, such as jndi (1099),
remote deploy, possibly the ejb listener, etc etc.

You can also just start a lot of tomcat instances in one copy of
geronimo -- basically copy the tomcat plan, rename the configuration,
and change all the ports, and deploy it.  the app deployment plan can
select the tomcat instance using the <web-container> element (IIRC).
However the apps will all have to have different moduleIds determined
by the plan.

I hope you have a good reason to try to do this because it is going
to be a substantial amount of nuisance to set up.

david jencks

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> Regards,
> Simon