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From "Mike Perham" <>
Subject Re: Problem with mysql xa and 1.2-beta
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 16:32:52 GMT
On 1/3/07, David Jencks <> wrote:
> On Jan 3, 2007, at 10:56 AM, Mike Perham wrote:
> > I'm using the new 1.2-beta with the mysql-xa connector from wasce
> >  My application does some db work when it starts up and we
> > don't see this error on  I'm using Spring 1.2.8's
> > JTATransactionManager like this:
> >
> > <bean id="inboxTransactionManager"
> > class="org.springframework.transaction.jta.JtaTransactionManager">
> >  <property name="transactionManagerName"><value>java:/
> > TransactionManager</value></property>
> > </bean>
> >
> > Is this the correct JNDI location?
> I would have expected it to be java:TransactionManager but it's
> possible both values work.  I suspect it's working because apparently
> there is a transaction started and I assume it was started by Spring.

I assumed that value because it is JBoss's location and Geronimo seems
to keep many of JBoss's choices (a good idea in order to make jboss
porting easy, imo).

All of our database access goes through Spring's transacation layer so
your assumption is correct.

> I haven't personally tried the tranql mysql xa adapter (is that the
> one from wasce?) but I wonder.... have you gotten it to work in other
> circumstances?

The application gets past this point in wasce so yes.

> One possibility is that there's a bug in the connector.  When a
> connection is not enrolled in a transaction it's supposed have
> autocommit behavior.  If this isn't working you probably wouldn't see
> a problem using a local-tx connector since there isn't much to the
> start of a transaction -- just turning off autocommit.  If it was
> already off you might not see any errors.
> Can you put a breakpoint in a likely spot in perhaps the
> WrapperNamedXAResource and see if commit is actually being called?

Not easily.  I don't have a geronimo dev/debug environment nor do I
have the time to invest.  I was given a week or so to port our app
from jboss to wasce and I've shot way over that.  The app does seem to
work in wasce except for that hivemind classloader problem I emailed
you about yesterday.  That is the only thing preventing us from just
running on  I'm trying 1.2-beta on your suggestion to see if
this later code has the same problem but it appears I can't even get
that far due to this issue.

> Do you expect there to be any work done outside a transaction?


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