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From "Mike Perham" <>
Subject spring, jta and geronimo
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 16:47:30 GMT
I've got an EAR that prints this when it starts.

No JTA TransactionManager found: transaction suspension and
synchronization with existing JTA transactions not available

This application works fine in jboss.  I'm just using the standard
JtaTransactionManager in Spring 1.2.8.  According to the Spring docs:

The location of this well-defined JTA object is not specified by J2EE;
it is specific to each J2EE server, often kept in JNDI like the JTA
UserTransaction. Some well-known JNDI locations are:

    * "java:comp/UserTransaction" for Resin 2.x, Oracle OC4J (Orion),
JOnAS (JOTM), BEA WebLogic
    * "java:comp/TransactionManager" for Resin 3.x
    * "java:pm/TransactionManager" for Borland Enterprise Server and
Sun Application Server (Sun ONE 7 and later)
    * "java:/TransactionManager" for JBoss Application Server

All of these cases are autodetected by JtaTransactionManager (since
Spring 1.2), provided that the "autodetectTransactionManager" flag is
set to "true" (which it is by default). Consequently,
JtaTransactionManager will support transaction suspension
out-of-the-box on many J2EE servers.

Is the Geronimo transaction manager located elsewhere or not created
by default?  Any tips on how to get this working?


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