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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: spring, jta and geronimo
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 19:16:02 GMT

On Jan 2, 2007, at 11:47 AM, Mike Perham wrote:

> I've got an EAR that prints this when it starts.
> No JTA TransactionManager found: transaction suspension and
> synchronization with existing JTA transactions not available
> This application works fine in jboss.  I'm just using the standard
> JtaTransactionManager in Spring 1.2.8.  According to the Spring docs:
> The location of this well-defined JTA object is not specified by J2EE;
> it is specific to each J2EE server, often kept in JNDI like the JTA
> UserTransaction. Some well-known JNDI locations are:
>    * "java:comp/UserTransaction" for Resin 2.x, Oracle OC4J (Orion),
> JOnAS (JOTM), BEA WebLogic
>    * "java:comp/TransactionManager" for Resin 3.x
>    * "java:pm/TransactionManager" for Borland Enterprise Server and
> Sun Application Server (Sun ONE 7 and later)
>    * "java:/TransactionManager" for JBoss Application Server
> All of these cases are autodetected by JtaTransactionManager (since
> Spring 1.2), provided that the "autodetectTransactionManager" flag is
> set to "true" (which it is by default). Consequently,
> JtaTransactionManager will support transaction suspension
> out-of-the-box on many J2EE servers.
> Is the Geronimo transaction manager located elsewhere or not created
> by default?  Any tips on how to get this working?

Before 1.2 there was no global jndi in which to bind anything, so  
instead there's something I cooked up to find the tm.  I'm not sure  
if it works and don't remember how to use it :-(  I think there were  
other problems with it as well.

As of 1.2 (I think) and 2.0 (definitely) there is global jndi and the  
tm should be bound to java:TransactionManager.  The binding gbean is  
in the transaction or transaction-jta11 configuration:

     <gbean name="TransactionManagerBinding"  
         <attribute name="name">TransactionManager</attribute>
         <attribute name="abstractNameQuery">? 
         <reference name="Context">

The JavaContext gbean referred to is in rmi-naming.

hope this helps and you can use 1.2-M1 :-)

david jencks

> mike

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