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From falom <>
Subject [geronimo1.1.1] Strange behavior calling jms service between axis2 and geronimo
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 13:16:41 GMT

I first setup jms resources in geronimo with AxisConnectionFactory and AxisQueue, and deploy
one axis2 service with jms transport. Now two confusing situations below:

1.When i configure the axis2 jmslistener (initiated when geronimo loads up the axis2 war app)
to listen to this queue by java:comp/env/jms/AxisQueue, the jmslistner can find the queue
directly, but when a standalone axis2 client send msg to the queue to call the service, the
queue got the msg but the axis2 engine can not find the service to call.

2. When i instead configure the jmslistener to listen to AxisQueue directly, the jmslistener
can not find the queue, so it creates a queue with same name AxisQueue. The same axis2 client
makes the same call, now this time it went through without problem, the client got the expected
response from the service.

Can someone please give me some clue on what happened really, what possibly is reason behind
this? Thanks.


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