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From "Kanchana Welagedara" <>
Subject Re: GBean tutorial
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2007 08:15:22 GMT
hi Clayton

Following links will helps to dig in to Geronimo Gbeans and it's serveraly
Gbean implementations inside geronimo.



On 1/30/07, Clayton Hicklin <> wrote:
> Can someone post or point me to a good tutorial on how to write a simple
> service GBean?  I've looked through the mailing list as well as the
> GBean info on the website, and I can't really find a good, clear
> description on how to write, package and deploy a service GBean.
> Basically, what I'm trying to do is incorporate a service into Geronimo
> as a module (kind of like Tomcat or the ApacheDS module).  I understand
> how to write the GBean itself, implementing GBeanLifecycle, doStart,
> doStop, doFail, etc.  What I'm not clear on is how to construct the
> maven environment around it (src and target directories, the various XML
> files needed) and how to incorporate this into the overall Geronimo
> build system so that I can just type "mvn install" in the root directory
> and have it build my GBean alongside all the others.  Any pointers?
> p.s. -> I'm currently attempting this with G1.2, but would like to know
> how to do it in 2.0-Mx, as well, if it's different.
> Thanks in advance!!!

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