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From Lasantha Ranaweera <>
Subject Re: GBean tutorial
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2007 06:51:30 GMT

Sorry for a late reply.

I recommend you to go through to get 
basic idea of GBeans.

But to your problem it is better to go through the following sample 
application of Geronimo.

For the Maven2 stuff I can recommend one of the best books "Better 
Builds with Maven" which was freely available on the Internet sometime 
back :-) .

Lasantha Ranaweera
Clayton Hicklin wrote:
> Can someone post or point me to a good tutorial on how to write a 
> simple service GBean?  I've looked through the mailing list as well as 
> the GBean info on the website, and I can't really find a good, clear 
> description on how to write, package and deploy a service GBean.
> Basically, what I'm trying to do is incorporate a service into 
> Geronimo as a module (kind of like Tomcat or the ApacheDS module).  I 
> understand how to write the GBean itself, implementing GBeanLifecycle, 
> doStart, doStop, doFail, etc.  What I'm not clear on is how to 
> construct the maven environment around it (src and target directories, 
> the various XML files needed) and how to incorporate this into the 
> overall Geronimo build system so that I can just type "mvn install" in 
> the root directory and have it build my GBean alongside all the 
> others.  Any pointers?
> p.s. -> I'm currently attempting this with G1.2, but would like to 
> know how to do it in 2.0-Mx, as well, if it's different.
> Thanks in advance!!!

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