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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: AW: other appserver/ejb2.1 to geronimo 2.0 migration strategy?
Date Sat, 27 Jan 2007 00:37:14 GMT
On Jan 25, 2007, at 1:47 AM, Hans J. Prueller wrote:

> David,
> thank you for your thoughts. You provided good entry points for me.  
> I mentioned hibernate specifically because
> we already are using hibernate and CMP in parallel within our  
> project (as CMP2.x sometimes does not fulfill all needs).
> targeting JPA instead of hibernate specifically is essential –thank  
> you for that.
If you can use hibernate in jpa mode, we will be able to support that.

> I also would like to do a one-by-one migration because I am afraid  
> if we would migrate the whole project at once,
> everything could collapse. Doing smaller steps provides more  
> control I think.

That is exactly why I wrote the OpenEjb 3 cmp engine on JPA, so beans  
can be migrated one at at time.  Migrating a whole app all at once is  
just to risky.
> >> However this would mean that you would need to start by  
> generating the cmp2 mapping info.
> so this is what should to be contained in the Geronimo deployment  
> plan right? are deployment plans required also
> in Geronimo2 ? (I think there shouldn’t be any more “vendor”  
> specific DDs in Java EE 5). But for compatibility reasons
They won't be required, but vendor-DD less deployment is fully  
implemented yet.  You can deploy an ejb module without any plans in  
2.0-M2, but I don't you can deploy any other module types without a  
> with my EJB2.1 CMP beans I think I won’t come around to provide a  
> mapping file at all ;-)
For OpenEJB3 we use a standard JPA entity-mapping.xml file for the  
> I asked about XDoclet support for Geronimo some months ago, at that  
> point in time there was no usable version around.
> As Java 2 EE 1.4 requires Java 1.4 I cannot work with annotations  
> unless the whole app is migrated, so XDoclet would
> be of great help…?

J2ee 1.4 requires java 1.4+.  You can run in Java5 if you want.

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