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Subject Geronimo and Java 1.6
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2007 21:28:53 GMT
<div>I attended a session yesterday at Codemash (<A href=""></A>
) on the new scripting capabilities in 1.6.&nbsp; Is anyone running
Geronimo on 1.6?&nbsp; Any issues or tips?&nbsp; This is really powerful mojo!</div>
<div>The session presenter, Chris Judd (<A href=""></A>
),&nbsp;demonstrated an application that took a web page text box of
dynamicly written java code, submitted it to a servlet with scripting code server side, executed
the code within the servlet container (Yes, you read that right), and returned the results
to the browser.&nbsp; This provides a significant level of introspection into the container
realtime.&nbsp; Of course, he was using Tomcat on 1.6 for the demonstration.&nbsp;</div>
He plans on releasing this code to the public domain in the next
week.&nbsp; I'll update anyone interested when he does.&nbsp; He uses it primarily
to test the container configuration/environment.&nbsp; It even allows one to see where
the Classloader is pulling the library from!&nbsp; Great for ClassNotFoundException debugging.&nbsp;
I plan on working on any Geronimo specific tuning that might be required once he releases
Additional note for those interested:&nbsp; This was an awesome
conference.&nbsp; Neal Ford did an opening presentation on "Domain Specific Languages".&nbsp;
I didn't really get the difference between statically typed and dynamically typed languages
at first, but I do now!&nbsp; Bruce Eckel out did Neal Ford with his presentation on "The
World is Dynamic".&nbsp; M$ did the last keynote on its new LINQ technology.&nbsp;I
caught a great presentation of Ruby and Rails.&nbsp;&nbsp;It sure demonstrated digging
the whole to bury Struts in.&nbsp; Scott Ambler from IBM was also interesting to hear
with his views on database re-factoring and testing, even though his presentation was on the
Eclipse Process Framework and OpenUP.&nbsp; Interestingly Sun was missing from the presenter
side of things although they had a vendor table presence.&nbsp; Apple was completely absent
from the conference.</div>
Anyway, it proved that Java, .Net, and OpenSource can all get
<div>Mark Aufdencamp</div>
<div><A href=""></A></div>

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