Hi Netta


No I did not get a response (though I have since unsubscribed from the list). However there are a couple of solutions:


-          Replace geronimo’s cglib with your version (GERONIMO_HOME/repository/..)

-          Fall back to geronimo’s version of cglib (remove it from your WEB-INF/lib). This only works if the geronimo version supports all your uses


Neither is ideal and both can have unpredictable/non-deterministic behavior. The reason for this is that cglib is used heavily in the Gbean container framework (apparently even for synthetic classes that describe beans).


Unfortunately, until the geronimo team fixes this issue by either creating better classloader isolation (as should have been the case), or removes the use of cglib from the offending areas, there is no real fix. The only option I can think of other that switching to another appserver is to use bytecode instrumentation mode in hibernate (rather than class proxying). Assuming your problem is hibernate…(and assuming that hibernate doesn’t rely on cglib for that too!)




From: Netta Shamir [mailto:nettashamir@hotmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, 21 December 2006 2:02 AM
To: Dhananjay Prasanna
Subject: cglib issue


Hi Dhanji,


Did you get any responses on your cglib issue?


I’m having the same problem (only worse) because the tomcat instance I’m deploying into already has an older version of cglib in it’s shared/lib! I’ve tried to replicate this on a local tomcat and even copied all the target’s shared/libs but it works fine, loading the new version of cglib from the webapp as expected. Hmmm….


Any light you can shine would be much appreciated.







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