On 12/12/06, Hernan Cunico <hcunico@gmail.com> wrote:
Have you tried to deploy with the --inPlace option. It would be some thing like this

java -jar deployer.jar --user system --password manager deploy --inPlace <app_home>

and point <app_home> to your exploded app dir.



Thanks, deploying the application with the --inPlace option did solve my problem.

I can now fetch the XML files using http://localhost:8080/context-root/xml/MyFile.xml
and because the application is not deployed in the "deploy" directory,
Geronimo does not constantly redeploy it.

However, my co-worker has given me another challenge.

We need to deploy this exploded .war in an installer application, and we cannot run
Geronimo's deploy.bat or java -jar deployer.jar, because at the time the customer
runs our installer, Geronimo is not running. (Our installer also installs Geronimo.)

Is there an option we can put in some Geronimo configuration file, in the app or out of it,
so the installer can:
1. Explode this .war file somewhere on disk.
2. Have Geronimo know that this application has been "deployed in place."